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You won’t silence me none, and what you won’t do is talk shit about my people and what I stand for !!

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Imagine If You Were Homeless…

This isn’t really the first time I’ve been homeless. There was a time once before. I really believe that he should have handled that better than the way he did. My friends were saying that he was already bothered much by me and was just looking for an excuse to put me out. The other was saying that there is something more to it, as in him liking me although the guy was saying differently. 

The agreement that was established upon the offer to stay with him was to live there rent free and just pay half the power and half the gas. I agreed to that upon move in, but once I was in things were shifted. He was saying that he didn’t want any money from me for anything, so I was like umm okay. 

Yet he was always nagging about the power bill because of my video game playing and then about the gas saying that keep my showers to a 15 minute max. In my head I’m just like…..
I didn’t mind giving any money to help pay half power or the gas, but I guess he was just caught up and full of himself saying that he can handle his own and don’t need anything from anyone. Though he explained about his times when he was once living with others and things and his mishaps that made him feel bad and less of a person, he puts me out over Comcast issue. When I explained to him that I didn’t know they were going to be touching your things, He replied back in a rude tone “WELL WHEN YOU GO LIVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE, YOU KNOW NOW !!”

I don’t understand how you can say you care about someone and want help assist them to get better in life and you do things to belittle them; as well as hold things over their heads.

My mom was asking how did I meet this person? Who are they to you? And now that I think about it, I have no idea. We met from my previous job he use to come in from time to time to get lunch and leave. So what I’ve summed it up to be now is that he is an individual who thinks he is perfect, doesn’t make mistakes and just knows everything. 

At the end of the day with so little of that time, he didn’t help me accomplish anything at all…

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Ya’ll ignorant fools need to stop this damn fuckery ! It’s tired and it’s LATE ! Learn and do better ! E-Ballers need to find something more productive to do with their lives. What I mean by “E-Ballers” in the words of B. Scott, “Those who feel more powerful behind a computer”.

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K. Briggs At The HIV/AIDS Walk Atlanta 2011

"…Never give up" (HIV/AIDS Walk Atlanta 2011)



I walked for this very important event with one of my good friends and some of his other friends. Everything went GREAT ! 

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This girl Jasmine Patton @Jasmine_Darcel is a internet bully and comes at me with fuckery. These are the types of things I’ve been going through, and it is just HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE! I am sure after a minute she is going to either delete her twitter or change her twitter name because she know she is in the WRONG !
Straight up ignorant and feels some type of way, and she doesn’t know the difference between HIV and AIDS
It’s sad she has no factual information to make any sense what so ever, and how am I the one to start drama when she came at me with ignorance?? I don’t know her and never seen her in my life!
I tire of these internet bullies and people who think they can just talk to me any kind of way
I have reason behind everything I do and my videos are not “Stupid”. I have a major purpose behind my videos I’ve posted recently.
Then she bashes me for working at “WENDY’s” (Whaat???)

I share things and show certain things to make people aware and try to make some type of change, and there has to be a way to end this !

Side Note: She has hidden her tweets. In addition she either has changed her twitter name or deleted her account


A photo I worked on some time ago. Can’t remember as of right now but thought I would share if I didn’t already.

This brought tears to my eyes just now. We gone make it !